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1735 Sq Ft Apartment Is Up For Rent In Dhanmondi
For RentResidential Apartments
৳60,000 / month
1835 ft2
An Excellent Commercial Space For Rent in Mohammadpur
For RentCommercial Space
৳190,000 / month
1835 ft2
765 Sq Ft Commercial Space For Rent in Mohammadpur (Shop/Showroom)
For RentCommercial Space
৳100,000 / month
765 ft2
1835 Sq Ft Office Space For Rent in Mohammadpur
For RentOffice Space
৳190,000 / month
1835 ft2

Flat, showroom, Shop & Office for Rent & Sale in Mohammadpur

Mohammadpur is a district in Dhaka, Bangladesh known for its vibrant and contemporary city lifestyle. Strategically situated in the center of the capital city, Mohammadpur is a bustling commercial and residential hub. The place provides a wide range of luxurious amenities for residents and businesses. It is an excellent option for those wanting a mix of city life and comfort. Exploring
Within Mohammadpur, there are several sub-districts that boast their distinctive charm and abundant opportunities:
  • Adabor: Adabor, a dynamic neighborhood located in Mohammadpur, is renowned for its perfect blend of residential and commercial spaces. It offers an abundance of amenities, ensuring that both residents and businesses enjoy unrivaled convenience and accessibility.
  • Bosila: Bosila contributes to Mohammadpur's vibrant scenery, providing a harmonious fusion of residential and commercial establishments. This remarkable locale caters flawlessly to the diverse requirements of both its esteemed residents and thriving businesses.
  • Shia Masjid: The Shia Masjid in Mohammadpur is more than just a place of worship. It is a lively center that represents the cultural and community spirit of the area. The landmark has become important and attractive to people who want to live or invest in this diverse neighborhood.
  • Tajmahal Road:Tajmahal Road in Mohammadpur is renowned for its prime location and ease of access. This area is highly sought after by both businesses and residents due to its convenient central position. Additionally, it provides a wide array of property options to suit individual preferences.

About Mohammadpur's Business Point of View

Mohammadpur is a thriving and strategically positioned area with excellent business prospects. Let's explore the compelling reasons why Mohammadpur is considered a thriving hub for both commercial and residential activities:
  • Strategic Central Location: Mohammadpur's strategic central location makes it easy for businesses to access key business districts and transportation hubs, making it an ideal choice.
  • Corporate Presence: The district accommodates a diverse range of corporate offices, small businesses, and startups, fostering a vibrant business community.
  • Mohammadpur has a diverse culinary scene with a wide range of restaurants, cafés, and eateries. This attracts a lot of customers to the neighborhood.
  • Mohammadpur neighborhood has many shops and showrooms that offer a variety of retail and lifestyle options. This vibrant mix of retail spaces makes it an irresistible destination for businesses.
Mohammadpur is famous for its luxury apartments and extravagant homes, attracting residents who want a high-end urban lifestyle.

Office Rent in Mohammadpur

Mohammadpur presents a multitude of choices for individuals seeking to secure office space. The district offers different types of office spaces, including modern office complexes in the busy commercial area and commercial spaces that are integrated with residential neighborhoods. By establishing your business in Mohammadpur, you will be positioned at the center of Dhaka's vibrant business and cultural scene.

House/Flat Rent in Mohammadpur

If you're seeking a comfortable and convenient place to live, look no further than Mohammadpur. This vibrant neighborhood has a plethora of impressive apartments and homes to choose from. Mohammadpur offers a variety of homes that can satisfy your preference, whether it's a spacious apartment or a cozy family home.

Shop Space Rent in Mohammadpur

Mohammadpur is an exhilarating marketplace that offers entrepreneurs and retailers an extraordinary opportunity. The shop spaces are designed for entrepreneurs to easily start their business ventures, like fashion boutiques or specialty stores. Mohammadpur is an ideal location for successful retail businesses due to its high visibility and diverse customer base.

Showroom Rent in Mohammadpur

Mohammadpur's reputation as a commercial and retail hub extends to its showroom spaces. In Mohammadpur, there are many showrooms available to display your products or services in an eye-catching and elegant way.

Property for Sale in Mohammadpur

Those interested in establishing a strong foothold in Mohammadpur can explore the available properties for purchase. Whether it's acquiring an office space or a luxury apartment for long-term value, Mohammadpur presents a range of properties for sale that promise both prestige and financial gain. Whether it's acquiring an office space or a luxury apartment for long-term value, Mohammadpur presents a range of properties for sale that promise both prestige and financial gain.

Why Choose Tinfo Property for Mohammadpur?

  • Tinfo Property appreciates the unique allure and exciting prospects of the Mohammadpur region. We have the dedication and expertise to meet all your property needs in this district.
  • Local Expertise: With our extensive knowledge of the real estate market in Mohammadpur, our team can advise and assist you in finding properties that perfectly match your unique requirements.
  • Tailored Solutions: Our extensive portfolio offers a wide variety of properties, ensuring that you find a space that perfectly aligns with your vision and goals.
  • Transparency and Trust: We prioritize transparency by consistently providing clear and accurate information regarding properties and rental agreements, building a strong foundation of trust with our clients.
  • Personalized Service: We prioritize your needs and preferences above all else. Our dedication knows no bounds as we strive to find the ideal property that fulfills all your requirements.
  • Ease of Contact: Reach out to us anytime for assistance or inquiries. We are dedicated to making your property search and rental process seamless and efficient.
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In Mohammadpur, the possibilities are endless, and Tinfo Property is here to help you make the most of them. Discover the lively real estate scene in Mohammadpur, where city life and successful businesses thrive together in the heart of Dhaka.

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