Exploring Gulshan: A Complete Area Guide based on Living & Business Aspect

Exploring Gulshan: A Complete Area Guide based on Living & Business Aspect

Exploring Gulshan: A Complete Area Guide based on Living & Business Aspect

Gulshan, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a lively area with both peaceful homes and bustling business opportunities. Discover the reasons why Gulshan is a popular place to live and do business. This guide will show you what makes Gulshan special, whether you're planning to move there or just visit.

Gulshan as the Best Living Area

Peaceful and Picturesque:
Gulshan is renowned for its lush streets, impeccably maintained parks, and tranquil ambiance. These factors, combined with its remarkably low crime rate, establish it as an idyllic living destination. Popular among both expatriates and locals, Gulshan is sought after for its serene and secure environment.
Residential Options:
Gulshan offers a wide range of housing options, including luxury apartments and spacious villas, designed to accommodate different budgets and preferences. This locality flourishes with contemporary conveniences and exquisitely crafted real estate options.
Community and Culture:
The Gulshan community is a lively and diverse neighborhood that warmly embraces diversity. There is a lively cultural scene with lots of food, shopping, and cultural events to enjoy. Here, you'll have the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Bangladesh while enjoying a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Gulshan as the Best Commercial Area

Business Hub:
Known as the financial district of Dhaka, Gulshan thrives as a vibrant hub for multinational corporations, banks, and business headquarters. This busy commercial center has many financial institutions and corporate offices, making it a great place for economic activity and growth.
Shopping and Dining:
Gulshan is a true haven for those who are in search of both retail therapy and thrilling culinary experiences. From high-end malls and delightful boutiques to a variety of restaurants, Gulshan offers something for everyone. The bustling markets of Gulshan are an absolute treasure trove where you can find anything your heart desires.

Essential Services in Gulshan

  • United Hospital Limited: A highly reputed healthcare institution providing a comprehensive range of medical services.
  • LABAIDDiagnostic Gulshan: The leading diagnostic center ensuring precise medical tests and diagnostics.
  • York Hospital: Delivering top-notch medical care and emergency services.
  • Fairways Medical Centre Ltd.: A trusted provider for all your medical needs.

Educational Institutions:

  • South Point School & College: An eminent institution for exceptional education.
  • Gulshan Commerce College: Specializing in commerce and business education.
  • Kings College : Experience the excellence of a prestigious international school with a truly global perspective.
  • Perdana College: Providing a comprehensive and holistic educational experience for students.
  • Queen Mary College: An esteemed institution renowned for its long-standing commitment to academic excellence.
  • BBQ Bangladesh: Savor delectable grilled delicacies in a delightful ambiance.
  • North End: Renowned for its extensive menu and delectable North Indian cuisine.
  • Khazana: A renowned restaurant known for its exquisite Bengali delicacies and authentic Indian cuisine.
  • Lakeshore: Indulge in a stunning panorama of the lake while savoring a delightful array of global and local cuisine.

Real Estate Agents:

Tinfo Property: Tinfo Property is the ultimate destination for all your residential and commercial property rental needs in Gulshan. They aim to help you find the ideal space that meets your specific needs through their high-quality professional services.
Gulshan is an exceptional area in Dhaka, combining calm residential living with a lively commercial atmosphere. Gulshan offers something for everyone, whether you want to live there, start a business, or experience the culture and lifestyle. Gulshan, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a valuable place that offers various services, educational institutions, and a lively food scene.

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